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How To Make Your Pet Feel Loved

February 15, 2024

Pets are amazing companions. They provide comfort, friendship, cuddles, entertainment, and most importantly, unconditional love. The bond we share with our animal friends is strong, but it must be built on love and trust from both sides. 

Just like humans, pets need love to be truly happy. While it may not be difficult to make Fido’s tail wag or get Fluffy’s motor going, if you really want to make your animal friend feel loved, keep reading. Below are some tips from a local Denver, NC vet.

Talk To Your Pet

Research suggests that dogs can understand more than 100 words and phrases. The average puppy can learn about 165 words, but some ultra smart canines can learn up to 250.

Regardless of whether your pet understands what you’re saying or not, talking to them can still be beneficial. The sound of your voice can be comforting. It’ll also let Fido or Fluffy know that you’re paying attention.

Keep the tone of your voice soft and friendly. Many pets enjoy baby talk, but it isn’t necessary. Keep an eye out for how your pet reacts. You may discover that the more you talk to and interact with your furry pal, the more responsive they become. If you ask Fido a question, he might tilt his head, while Fluffy might purr and rub her head against you.

Commit To Regular Play

The act of playing with your pet can also make your pet feel safe and loved. This benefits your animal companion in a lot of ways. Not only is it great for bonding, but also keeps your pet fit and strong. The stimulation and entertainment they receive from regular play are very important for their overall health and wellbeing.

Each pet is unique, and they all have their own preferences for how they like to be entertained. One cat may be obsessed with capturing the red dot from a laser pointer while another may not be interested at all, but instead prefer smacking ice cubes around the kitchen floor. To ensure that you are choosing games that your pet will not only enjoy, but that are also safe and appropriate, have a conversation with your Denver, NC veterinarian.

Show Affection To Your Pet

As expected, belly rubs, ear scritches, and forehead pats have a soothing effect on your pet and convey your love for them. It’s important not to force attention onto your pet, however, as doing so can cause them discomfort or fear. That said, many pets greatly appreciate feeling loved through close contact. Snuggle with pets releases oxytocin, the same hormone released when mothers cuddle their babies. This solidifies the feelings of love and security for both parties.

Provide Small Comforts For Your Pet

Pets are great at reminding us to appreciate the little things in life. Sometimes those little things can make a big difference. Cats, for instance, are almost all obsessed with boxes. Give Fluffy that empty Amazon box and watch her play for hours!

Another basic staple that all pets should have is a quality bed. A good bed can make a huge difference to your pet’s quality of life. Dogs, especially seniors and large breeds, benefit greatly from orthopedic beds. Cats, well, they will sleep on pretty much anything. You can create lots of comfy napping spots for Fluffy by putting soft blankets inside boxes or baskets or draping them over your ottomans.

Maintain Your Pet’s Grooming

Animals often groom one another as a way to show love and affection. Taking the time to brush your furry pal can help them feel safe and cared for. You should also stay on top of Fido’s nails and dental health. He may not particularly enjoy bath time, but he will feel much more comfortable and content with clean fur.

Give Your Pet Toys

Watching pets light up with excitement over a new toy is adorable, despite the number of toys they may already have. Don’t forget to regularly introduce new playthings. For those on a tight budget, consider DIY options such as upcycling old shirts or other articles of clothing into unique toys for your furry friend. For instance, Fido can enjoy a homemade rope toy from an old shirt, while Fluffy might like a catnip mouse made from a worn-out pair of jeans.

Snuggles At Bedtime

We know many people prefer not to let Fido sleep in their beds, which is understandable, so this one mostly applies to cats. Most kitties love snuggling up with their humans at night. Fluffy may even adapt her napping schedule to suit you. (She may also wake you up by pouncing on your toes and have a tendency to take over the majority of the bed, but that’s just par for the course.)

Read To Your Pet

Since companion animals cannot express themselves verbally, we must rely on nonverbal cues to determine how they are feeling. The basics are pretty well known, but there are many subtleties that are easily overlooked. For example, a cat that is uneasy may sit hunched, while a dog that is uncertain might wag his tail slowly. Take the time to get to know your pet’s behavior, expression, and stance.

It’s also essential to be aware of the signs of discomfort and pain. Some are obvious, but others may be much more subtle. A lot of medical issues can be treated most effectively if caught and diagnosed early, so if you notice anything that raises a red flag, make an appointment with your Denver, NC vet.

Provide Enrichment

Toys are great, but they shouldn’t be the only form of stimulation your pet receives. Fido will benefit from regular walks and playtime. Cats are safer staying in, but they enjoy watching birds and squirrels through the window. You can improve your pet’s quality of life even by doing something small, like leaving a light or television on when you leave them home alone.


Make sure your furry friend has plenty of opportunities to investigate and explore things. For Fluffy, provide things to climb and explore. For Fido, try visiting some local dog-friendly parks and trails. If your pet is smaller, such as a bird or bunny, it can be healthy for them to spend time outside their cages on a daily basis. 

Respect Your Pet At All Times

This one is simple, but it encompasses several things. Cats, for example, hate using dirty litterboxes, and honestly…who can blame them? Treat your furry family members with kindness and compassion, and do not tease them. When training, use positive reinforcement, not punishment.

Visit The Vet Regularly

While Fido and Fluffy would probably prefer to stay at home rather than visit the vet, pets need routine health checks just like people. In addition to keeping up with their regular appointments, you should also keep an eye out for signs of illness. In case of sickness or discomfort, address the issue with your Denver, NC veterinarian immediately.

Training And Tricks

While this one is mostly for dogs, some kitties can learn tricks as well. For instance, cats are often known to play fetch with their owners. Training your pet how to do a few tricks is a good way to exercise their brains. It’s also great for bonding purposes.

The relationship and bond between a pet and its owner is developed over time. Small things can make a huge impact on your pet’s quality of life as well as making them feel loved.

Is your pet due for a checkup? Contact us, your local Denver, NC vet clinic, anytime!