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Microchipping Your Pet

It’s National Chip Your Pet Month! While individual pet care regimens may differ somewhat, this is one area in which all pets stand to benefit. In case your animal buddy ever gets lost, microchipping them can dramatically improve your chances…

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Pallas Cat Day

You’ve heard the saying that every dog has its day. Well, we think every kitty also deserves a special day. We’re putting one very cute and mysterious cat at center stage for this one. April 23rd is Pallas Cat Day!…

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Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dog Bite Prevention Week always takes place during the second week of April. This is a pretty serious issue. Every year, roughly 4.5 people are bitten by dogs. While fortunately many of those bites do not cause serious injury, many…

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Debunking Some Common Pet Myths 

Fluffy and Fido have been by our sides since the dawn of civilization. They have taken on a variety of roles, such as friend, guardian, hunting buddy, tracker, and therapist. Our furry best friends have also inspired plenty of legends…

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Soothing Itchiness In Pets

Have you noticed that your pet is getting itchy lately? If Fluffy or Fido just scratches themselves on occasion, there is certainly no reason to be concerned. It’s entirely common for our animal buddies to get the occasional itch! On…

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How To Make Your Pet Feel Loved

Pets are amazing companions. They provide comfort, friendship, cuddles, entertainment, and most importantly, unconditional love. The bond we share with our animal friends is strong, but it must be built on love and trust from both sides.  Just like humans,…

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