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Our Veterinarians

Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day.

Dr. Kendall

Dr. Mac Kendall

Veterinarian / Owner

When Dr. Mac Kendall was a child, he witnessed his grandfather save the lives of countless creatures, from stray cats to wayward spiders and just about everything in between. This taught him a valuable lesson about the importance of caring for all living things. As a practicing vet, Dr. Kendall is able to honor his grandfather’s legacy, helping sick animals and comforting people in need.

After attending Michigan State University, where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Animal Science, Dr. Kendall went on to attend The University of Tennessee, where he graduated with his DVM in 2015. He then spent some time working in Western New York and the Atlanta area before purchasing West Shore Animal Hospital in early 2019. Clinically, Dr. Kendall enjoys anesthesia and soft tissue surgery because he finds it both challenging and rewarding.

At home, Dr. Kendall is married to his wife and partner, Dr. Kelsey Kendall. Their fur family consists of three cats: Willy, Max, and Millie; and three dogs: Angel, Theo, and Slim Shady, a rescue who successfully underwent life-saving heartworm surgery.

Dr. Kendall’s personal hobbies include classic cars, car shows and boating on Lake Norman, although he’s had to turn the rank of Captain over to Kelsey.

Dr. Kendall

Dr. Kelsey Kendall

Veterinarian / Owner

Dr. Kendall is the cliché veterinarian who says this is the ONLY thing she’s wanted to since childhood. Animals are tough creatures, but they need someone to help them when they can’t point out where it hurts or tell us what is going on. The idea of helping animals when they are sick, loving on new puppies and kittens, watching them grow up, helping owners navigate different illnesses and seeing the happiness, not only in the eyes of the pets, but also their humans, is what drives her every single day.

Dr. Kendall’s journey began as a child, when she shadowed various veterinarians to learn and gain experience. While attending Appalachian State University, she worked as a veterinary assistant, during which time she learned the basics of how a hospital works and what being a vet truly meant. She started vet school at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in August of 2011. There, she met her husband and now business partner, Dr. Mac. 

Upon graduation, Drs. Kendall and Mac relocated to western New York, where they joined a large mixed animal veterinary practice. After 15 months up north, the couple decided to move back to the south, where they worked outside of Atlanta, GA for two years gaining more experience. At this time, they decided they were ready to search for their own clinic and that’s how they ended up in Denver, NC at West Shore Animal Hospital, with the best team around! They purchased the practice in January 2019, and the rest is history!

Over her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Kendall has developed a passion for internal medicine. She loves the challenge of a good puzzling case and figuring out what’s wrong so she can help a pet in need. She also enjoys discussing preventative care and educating pet parents on how to help their animal companions live long, happy and healthy lives.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Kendall and Dr. Mac have four dogs and three cats of their own. Their dog Theo is a sweet mutt who is independent but afraid of all loud noises. Don’t underestimate him, though, because if there is a critter in the yard, they’d better be able to outrun him! Shady is a rescue who had terrible heartworm disease leading to right-sided heart failure. After a lot of work, surgery and TLC, he is now thriving!

Their third dog, Angel, is another rescue who is Dr. Kendall’s very best friend and follows her everywhere. She may be small, but she snores like a full grown man! Lastly, there is Kate, a sweet little diabetic dog that they recently took in after having spent the last three years managing her condition. 

The couple’s three cats are named Max, Willie and Millie. Max is a regal beauty that loves to eat. Willie is a lover that just wants to rub against you and get attention at all times. Sweet little Millie is the queen of them all! She may only be five pounds, but the boys don’t mess with her!

Aside from the clinic, Dr. Kendall’s happy place will always be the mountains, particularly the Boone area. She also loves being on the lake, which is where you can usually find her and Dr. Mac most of the summer. In her free time, Dr. Kendall enjoys spending time with family and friends, visiting a winery or brewery, catching up on a good TV show and spending time with her husband. 

Dr. Stephanie Bowling

Dr. Stephanie Bowling

Associate Veterinarian

When Dr. Stephanie E.F. Bowling was merely a young child, she developed an affinity for her pets. She vowed to her mother that one day, she’d become a “doggie doctor.” It’s safe to say that she kept that promise, because today she is an associate veterinarian at West Shore Animal Hospital!

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Stephanie would eventually attend Lycoming College, where she majored in Biology/Ecology. She then got accepted into the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, and then moved to Denver, CO to officially launch her veterinary career.

Nothing brings Dr. Stephanie greater joy than helping animals who don’t have a voice for themselves. She not only enjoys making a difference in their lives, she also likes teaching others on the best ways to take care of and advocate for their pets. The world of veterinary medicine allows her to solve challenging puzzles on a daily basis as she deals with different animals, but it’s a challenge that keeps her inspired!

Ultimately, Dr. Stephanie’s goal is to uphold and preserve the precious human-animal bond. She has a special interest in feline medicine, due to her own personal experience with a previous pet cat. The dentistry aspect of veterinary medicine also fascinates her. She enjoys the simple things like seeing an animal with clean teeth, or helping remove a problematic tooth to help their quality of life.

In her free time, Dr. Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, including her parents, husband and young daughter. They currently own 4 cats, a dog, and a guinea pig, and they plan on eventually creating their own small farm complete with cows, horses, chickens, sheep and goats!

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